Hi, I'm Lindsay...

...and I'm so glad you stopped by!! I am passionate about capturing memories in life after weddings. I started this gig as a hobby in high school and it has blossomed into something that has helped support my family since I started staying home with my first son in 2013. I've since added a few things to my plate, including another son and recently returned to my home field, if you will, of veterinary medicine. So yes, you can ALWAYS bring your dog to your session! I've dabbled in documenting things that require a faster shutter speed like bull riding and baseball, but I love births + fresh48s, and families the most. I'm easygoing at sessions, but fast-moving to make it feel as casual (and painless) as possible. I do my best to elicit the most genuine emotion while mixing in more posed prompts for those treasured portraits. A variety of images for you to choose from is always my goal. Uncooperative toddlers don't scare me, and I can blend into the corner of a room full of medical professionals too.

I've never taken for granted the opportunity to be invited into something as momentous as a birth, be asked to help advance another small business with a branding session, or anything in between. Its all such an honor to me.

I know you have lots of incredible choices out there, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you for considering me to capture you and your family.